Betfair Announce Increase in Rakeback

Betfair Announce Increase in Rakeback

Betfair Poker, the large European online poker provider, have said that they will increase their Rakeback percentages whilst the world series poker is running in 2010. They have dispatched an email to their clients stating that “We are pleased to announce our fantastic 40% Rakeback promotion to go with our other great Poker World Cup 2010 Promotions!”

This means that any person signing up to the site in June will get a forty per cent Rakeback immediately.

It doesn’t matter how much that person rakes, there are no rake requirements, so they will receive the forty per cent immediately.

The rake back is paid out on a bi-monthly basis, the third and first Thursdays of each month.

Additionally they are running a Points Chase of $125,000; this means participants get a bonus of $50 or $100. This opportunity exists between the 11th of June and the 11th of July 2010.

It works out at an extra 10% value back additional to the current Rakeback deal. More information can be found by visiting