Betfair Arcade Launches “Real Deal” Gaming Titles – Gambling News

Betfair Arcade Launches “Real Deal” Gaming Titles – Gambling News

It’s been a pretty long time since Betfair announced the development of several brand new games under their “Real Deal” range – two years in fact, so you might be forgiven for thinking they were never going to see the light of day.

However, the games have now been launched on Betfair Arcade, now powered by OpenBet, the latest software that provides what Betfair are calling a state of the art system which allows for the best graphics and a “no download” experience.

All of the new games have full 3D dealers, lifelike graphics and can be played without having to wait or download between each game. They’ve been designed to feel more like the experience of being in a real casino than sitting around on a website waiting for things to load of software to update.

Head of games at Betfair, Sam Hobcraft, stated:

““We are delighted with the product which looks stunning. The graphics are better than anything on the market. Our customers can enjoy the experience without download and experience exceptionally quick game play whilst enjoying their favourite casino games.”

Betfair Real Deal no Loss Bet
You can pick up a no loss bet with Betfair Arcade for £25 – so if you happen to lose that £25 you can get it credited back to your account, although this offer is expected to last for a limited time only.

The Real Deal games released on the website this week include Blackjack, Pontoon, Baccarat, Roulette and Money Wheel.